Slurry pumps with electric drive

  • High assembly quality of the pumps
  • Complete quality control of the produced equipment
  • Bench tests of each unit
  • Full production cycle from casting to assembly of finished goods
  • Service
  • Multistage quality control of produced parts
  • Improved wear resistance of materials
  • The factory meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015
Technical specification
Mark Avangard slurry pumps 4x3x13-M30 Avangard slurry pumps 6x5x14-M55 Avangard slurry pumps 8x6x14-M55
Flow, m³/h 150 220-250 280-300
Pump head, m 30 35 35
Pump media density, g/cm³ 1 .. 1,2 1 .. 1,5 1 .. 1,5
Impeller rotational speed, rpm, not more 1500 1500 1500
Motor capacity*, kW 30 55 55
Efficiency rate, %, not less 55 55 55
Unit mass, kg, not more 650 800 900
Overall dimensions, mm, not more, LxBxH 1800x550x650 1840×600×800 1865х650х825
Motor type ВА180М4 ВА225М4 ВА225М4
- Upon customer request, may be equipped with 75 kW/1500 rpm electric motor
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Spheres of application
Equipment for
hydraulic fracturing
Pump Comparison
Avangard pump
  • 01
    Latest technologies

    Use of special alloys of improved wear resistance

  • 02
    In-house laboratory

    In-house modern laboratory which allows inspecting quality of initial material and obtained alloys

  • 03
    Full cycle

    Full production cycle from casting to bench tests of the products

  • 04

    Bench tests of each unit

  • 05

    Quality Management System meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015

  • 06
    Warranty Service

    Warranty and after-sales service, field visits. Permanent availability of spare parts in stock

Russian analogue
  • 01
    Basic technologies

    Manufacturing with obsolete technologies using grey cast iron. Shorter service life

  • 02
    No innovations

    No laboratory inspection of castings

  • 03
    Long terms

    Pumps manufacturing by means of cooperation involving contractors. Long terms of manufacturing. No quality control of produced parts

  • 04
    No pre-testing

    The equipment is put to operation without preliminary testing

  • 05
    Russian GOST

    No Quality Management System or compliance with GOST R ISO 9001-2011

  • 06
    No warranties

    No opportunity of quick reaction to render technical support


Choosing Avangard pumps, you get optimal price-to-quality ratio, independence from exchange rate, high quality of equipment, quality control from casting to bench tests, after-sales service.

Quality control

  • Multistage quality control of produced parts is deployed at the factory.

  • The laboratory allows carrying-out a complete spectral and metallographic analysis of metals. Metals quality is inspected using cutting-edge equipment.

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